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Benefits of GO2 — Clubbing:

The company GO2 publishes the names of the customer and may also publish a link to his web site on the GO2 — web site ( ). In addition to that, the name, zip code and city of each member can be searched and found on the GO2 web site with a search function. Each Clubbing member gets GO stickers which must clearly show up in the shop windows and inside the shop.

As a Clubbing — member you get special conditions of purchase:

Members get 5% off on orders larger than 200 EUR net
10% off on orders langer than 500 EUR net
20% off on orders larger than 1000 EUR net

More benefits:

Members get the 100pcs graduated price for articles in a group beginning with a quantity of 50 (see price list). You can mix and match any color, thickness and length.
Our web site and our strategy is not targeted at end customers. This business is for you. Our goal is to lead potential customers directly to you, our sales partner.

In case of cancellation of the GO2 Clubbing membership you are obliged to remove the stickers.
Your data will be removed from the GO2 web site.